Vehicle Ignition Repair

If you are having trouble with your vehicle’s ignition you may be worried that fixing it will mean going to the great expense and inconvenience of having your car towed to a body shop or dealership, which may not even be open. There is one piece of great news for you then. The professional ignition repair experts of Locksmith Beaverton can come to you right away to diagnose and repair your ignition there on the spot. We are proud to offer this advanced automotive locksmith service because it saves our customers so much hassle, frustration and money.

Common Reasons for Ignition Repair Service:

  • Key won’t turn. Sometimes our customers find that their ignitions are getting harder and harder to turn until one day they simply won’t budge at all. Other times it can happen all at once and leave you wondering what went wrong. It is not always an obvious problem but often times the wafers within the ignition wear out over time so a key just doesn’t fit like it should.
  • Something is broken inside. The most common scenario here is when someone accidentally inserts the wrong key, causing it to get jammed inside. We’ve seen many different items stuck in¬†ignitions from broken off keys to toothpicks to gum.
  • Attempted theft. The most troubling scenario we respond to is when a wrongdoer has attempted to steal a vehicle, often by using a screw driver or otherwise messing with the ignition. We are glad if they were unsuccessful and happy to use all our expertise to repair the damage.

Your local ignition repair expert from Locksmith Beaverton will first examine your vehicle’s ignition and diagnose the issue, then let you know the process and cost of the work they will need to do. Only in the case that the ignition is beyond reasonable repair will they suggest replacing it altogether. If that is the case they will do the work of obtaining and installing the new ignition for you.

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