Residential Lock Change

A home is a home because it is the place where you can feel most comfortable, safe and secure. A very important aspect of creating this secure space are the measures that stand between your home and the outside world. Your locks are the first and, in many cases, only line of defense so deserve close attention and particular care. If it’s time for a change when it comes to your locks, trust the lock change professionals of Locksmith Beaverton.

Why Change a Lock?

  • A Lock is Broken or Worn Out. If you have locks inside or outside your home that are old or just not working like they should it is wise to take a step to correct the situation. It is possible your lock is still in good condition and just needs a simple repair, which your local locksmith will be able to determine. If it is beyond repair, though, your locksmith will be happy to replace it with a new one.
  • You’d Like a Security Upgrade. Whether your current locks are in working order or not you may feel that you could use the next level up in terms of home security. There are a wide variety of residential lock choices that include special high-security options from brands like Medeco and Mul-T-Lock as well as key-alternative options like keypads, fingerprint scan and more.
  • You’d Like to Update Your Home’s Look. Maybe you’re moving into a new home and just don’t agree with the taste in hardware of the original owner or maybe you’re doing other home renovations and want a streamlined look. Whatever the case, updating the locks and knobs inside and outside your home can add that excellent final touch in aesthetic appeal.

Your expert Beaverton locksmith can offer their professional opinion as far as your specific lock change needs. Every type and style of lock are available to our customers and we always stand behind the quality of our products and services. We guarantee your satisfaction from start to finish.

One Final Note: You may be considering having your home locks changed because you are worried someone you do not want has a key and therefore access to the home. Our locksmiths will be sure to let you know about the option of having your locks rekeyed in this case. If your locks are still in good condition they can simply be altered to accept a new key, which only you will have. This will save the locks from being wasted and save you quite a bit of money!

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