Rekey a Lock

If you’re considering rekeying a lock, or two or ten, you probably already realize what a smart option it is. By choosing to rekey a lock you save money by not having to purchase a whole new lock as well as prevent unnecessary waste of good hardware. This altering of the lock to accept a new key is a highly effective means of improving security in situations where there is concern about who has access to the present keys.

Good Reasons to Rekey a Lock:

  • Congratulations! You’ve just moved into your new home and original owner hands you the keys they used. The locks on the doors seem to be in good working order but you realize that you have no way of knowing who else may have an extra copy of the house keys – maybe the original owner doesn’t even know for sure. By rekeying the locks you can rest assured no one but you and your family will have access to the home.
  • You run a business and have had some trouble with your current manager. One day the situation boils over and that manager decides to quit on the spot and storms out. And takes their keys to the office with them! Sometimes we can’t control how things like this turn out and it’s just best to be cautious without being confrontational. You can protect your business and other employees by simply having the office locks rekeyed.
  • It’s been a great girls night out and the fun is starting to wind down at the busy bar. It’s time to head home, only, where is your purse?! After asking around and looking everywhere there is only one conclusion. Why do people steal?? You get a ride home but since you don’t even have your house key you call a locksmith to come open your door for you. Then you realize that the thief now has both your house key AND your address. The only safe choice is to have the locksmith rekey your locks while he’s there so you can at least spend the night without worry.

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