Rekey a Business Lock

Any type of business could come across a good reason to rekey their locks. If there is a question of who has access to what secured buildings, rooms or facilities then there is usually no need to replace the entire lock in question. Choosing to have the lock rekeyed instead will save the expense of purchasing a brand new lock and prevent waste of perfectly good hardware.

Commercial lock rekey services in Beaverton are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your local business locksmith can come to you right away or at a scheduled time.

Why Rekey a Business Lock?

  • Moving into a new commercial space and can’t be sure if other keys are floating around in unknown hands.
  • An employee leaves the company and you want to prevent them from having access they used to have.
  • A key goes missing and you’d rather be safe than sorry when it comes to security.
  • Creation of a master key system.

No matter what type of commercial space your business locks are for, from storefront or office to warehouse or fence, the expert technicians of Locksmith Beaverton can rekey for you. You will have complete say as to what locks should accept matching keys and which should have their own. In the end your locksmith will hand you all of the keys, with as many duplicates as you request, and all old keys will have been rendered useless.

Master Key System

You may already be in need of a business lock rekey or you may just want a way to have more control over your locked spaces. Either way it is worth considering if a master key system could be of benefit to your business by streamlining and controlling access for multiple locks.

This process means that you can choose different locks to all take different keys, for individual offices for example. These keys will be for your employees so they can only open their office. Then your locksmith creates one master key for you so you alone to open every office. A master key system can be as complex or simple as you’d like with multiple levels of hierarchy.

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