Rekey an Auto Lock

When trouble arises with your car’s key, lock or ignition one of the simplest and most efficient solutions could be to have it rekeyed. Having a vehicle’s locks or ignition rekeyed by a local professional locksmith means that the lock itself will be altered in a way that it will not accept the old key but a new one. There are many reasons why this option would be a smart choice for your car and an expert from Locksmith Beaverton can help you decide if it makes sense in your case.

The mobile licensed, bonded and insured technicians of Locksmith Beaverton can rekey an auto lock on site at any time of the day or night.

One of the most straightforward reasons to rekey auto locks is if the key has been lost or stolen and you fear that someone may come back and use the key to steal or break into the car. Having the locks on the vehicle’s doors rekeyed will prevent the lost key from working to unlock the car while your locksmith makes a brand new key that only you can use. This is a simple way to get some peace of mind and make sure your vehicle is secure from now on.

Another case when it would make sense to rekey an auto lock is when you have a new ignition installed. A new ignition never takes the same key as your car’s old ignition. That means you will have two different car keys, one for the locks outside and one for the new ignition. This issue can be solved by having a professional Beaverton auto locksmith rekey either the ignition or the locks so you will only need one key for every part of your car.

Auto lock rekeying is a smart way to improve the security and usability of your vehicle. This is one of the most cost effective auto locksmith services available and is even more convenient and affordable when you hire a local mobile locksmith rather than taking the vehicle into a shop or dealership.

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